Présentation du guide

Welcome to the HOC Guide section.
Here, we propose to work together on the issues of violence, sexuality and consent. Through cards and through concrete examples, we accompany you in this work on the intimate in a unique and benevolent way.

We do not position ourselves as coaches or therapists, but share our experiences and queries as victims and specialists in these issues, and offer an exclusive and benevolent point of view.

Who is the Guide for?
The House of Consent Guide is for anyone 16 years of age and over - regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or love situation - who questions their sexuality.

If I feel that some aspects of sexuality are never addressed in mainstream society and media;

If I do not feel completely myself in my sexuality;

If I want to improve aspects of my life by thinking about how I work in my privacy;

So, The House of Consent Guide is for me.

The House of Consent Guide
Towards a nonviolent sexuality

The Guide to Nonviolent Sexuality is divided into four packs.

Each pack is composed of four cards.

I can buy each sheet individually or buy a pack.

I can also take the subscription La Totale which gives me access to all the contents of the site, Guide included.

Tips (but not instructions)
I proceed in three phases:

- I read a file.

- I let rest a few days, I take the time to observe how, in my daily life, the contents of this sheet resonates - significantly, a little, or not at all - with my actions, thoughts and concerns.

- I reread the file by trying to identify what changes certain representations and questions concretely my behavior.

- I read a sheet every week.

Choose your offer:
- 5 € the card

- 18 € the pack, 4 cards (instead of 20 €), two cards offered.

- 20 € per month: info section + guide section

- 200 € per year: info section + guide section

Subscription by direct debit banking, without commitment of minimum duration.

For the first 30 subscribers, 100 € the formula "THE annual TOTAL" instead of 200 €.